listen here girl in the mirror,
stop with the envy,
stop with the self loath,
stop feeling ugly,
because you are more than enough.

you are not a t-shirt missing a price tag,
you don’t have to be tangled in a man’s hand,
give a shit about yourself, you are complete.

remember what you were taught,
what your body is supposed to look like,
mommy they call me skinny winnie
“ja phaletšhe le nama”
mommy they call me humpty dumpty
“shut up and go run”

we find some middle ground and say slim thick,
wtf are we saying?
“you are goals”
what game are we playing,
and i need to know who am i slaying?
why can’t i just be me?

the word perfect should not exist,
you don’t need a description to feel alive,
“you look like my future wife” boy bye,
some people you can’t put a label on,
because one moment you are here and then you are gone.

i don’t have a perfect life i have a life,
i am not waiting patiently for my demise,
i am a walking testament and not a disguise.


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